Design by Drift Table

Thomas Evenden has built, restored, and remodelled homes and businesses for most of the last two decades. You can usually find him in his Hampshire based Design by Drift work-shop or scouring the beaches and shores of English coastal villages looking for inspiration and materials.

When Tom and his partner Kim envisioned Design by Drift they had one simple concept in mind: To create beautifully crafted bespoke furniture tailored towards the unique composition of the materials themselves. The driftwood used comes from all corners of the globe, from the boughs of ships wrecks to felled trees from shores as far as Asia.

The process of petrification, that occurs whilst it drifts amongst the world’s oceans, is what gives the wood its unique character. Crafted by nature and up-cycled by master craftsmen, each Design by Drift creation is a unique one of a kind piece.

Here at Design by Drift it is our aim to preserve the natural beauty of the materials we use, creating furniture that evokes the grandeur and awe of the natural world and marrying it to the minimalistic style and sophistication of modern design.

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